As an artist, I embrace the traditional genres of landscape and still life painting, while drawing inspiration from my immediate surroundings. My landscapes evoke a profound sense of place, while my still life compositions are imbued with a timeless quality. I create oil paintings on gessoed panel and canvas, egg tempera on panel with hand polished gesso, as well as etchings and lithographs.

My plein air paintings of farmlands, countryside, wetlands, and coastal scenes reflect my connection to the landscapes of eastern Long Island, the Adirondacks, and Vermont. Featuring wide-open spaces, low horizons, and big sky, my compositions only occasionally hint at a human presence through the inclusion of an architectural form such as a barn. Skies may be dominated by dramatic cloud formations, heralding changing weather. The scene may be gilded in warm golden light, or reflect the cold blue of winter. I revisit the same locations numerous times throughout the season, capturing subtle changes in the quality of light and length of shadows.

Quiet and meditative, my still lifes achieve a sense of timelessness through the inclusion of early American furniture, household objects, and tools, as well as Colonial architectural details. Again, a human presence is only alluded to by virtue of a jacket left draped over a chair, a shirt hanging from a peg, or a forgotten hat on a wooden bench. Compositions are often depicted as seen through an exterior window, the viewer a passerby, only afforded a quick glimpse into the interior’s private depths.

Working from the landscape and the everyday objects that surround me, my hope is to elevate what may be considered common scenes, bestowing a lasting resonance upon them.